Youth SIRCLE Project

About the SIRCLE Project

The GEN Africa Conference in Ghana (December, 2016) was indeed an exciting one as it greeted us with good news that the European Union has approved the 1 ½ year SIRCLE project between four Global Ecovillage Network partners (GEN International, Denmark’s LOES, Betterworld Cameroon and GEN Ghana). The SIRC-LE project (Social Innovation for Resilient Communities – Living Earth project) builds on two ERASMUS+ project namely Social Innovation for Resilient Communities and Youth-led Societal Innovation for Resilience.

The project seeks to build on the active participation and involvement of partners and youth from all four partner countries. The main activities of the SIRCLE project include regular online meetings throughout the project, inventory of existing learning patterns and evoneer’s journey pattern language curriculum, identification and selection of 14 youth workers for transnational meeting, development of new learning materials, translation of learning materials into Danish and French, first transnational meeting in UK – June 2017, second transnational meeting in Cameroon – September 2017,  launch and dissemination activities in all partner countries, identification and selection of youth workers for mobility, first green innovation cup meeting in Ghana – March 2018, second green innovation cup meeting in Denmark – April 2018, then lastly monitoring, evaluation and reporting May/June 2018.

The project implementation is going well at the moment. We have had 3 online zoom meetings. A doodle was sent out by the project coordinator at GEN International and this was used in deciding suitable dates for the online meetings. The process has been participatory. Selection of members to represent the various GEN partner organisations in this project has been finalized by participating organisations (GEN Ghana, Betterworld Cameroon, GEN International and the Danish Association of Ecovillages through a local selection procedure in line with criteria set during the first online meeting. The first transnational meeting in UK took place from 29th May, 2017 to 4th June, 2017. The next transnational meeting would take place in Cameroon from the 19th of November, 2017 to the 26th of November, 2017. Participants are currently working on their visas.

All participants from the four countries would participate in a zoom meeting on the 26th of September, 2017 at 5 PM Ghana time.