NextGen Ghana

NEXT GEN GHANA is a youth program of GEN GHANA. It shares the principles, concepts and knowledge of the Ecovillage movement.

NEXT GEN GHANA shares its wealth of knowledge with cities, universities, schools and communities. NEXT GEN GHANA is creating the next generation of ecovillages.

NEXT GEN GHANA is to strengthen the youth in capacity building and various categories of social enterprise and income generation for sustainable development.

NEXT GEN GHANA is planning a set of meetings planned and organized by the youth for the youth. Sharing dreams and learning tools on how to make them a reality and the main focus of these meetings.

We the youth of NEXT GEN GHANA are dedicated in transforming communities in Ghana ecologically by 2020. We are open to any youth groups, communities and individuals who believe in transformation of the human mind into ecologically sustainable communities. We train youth in various skills and empowerment tools. We organize EDE’s (Ecovillage Design Education) and Permaculture for youth groups, schools, graduate associations, women groups and any individual willing to learn.