Governance Structure

GEN Ghana  has the following Structures:

            1. The General Assembly

            2. The National Executive Council

            3. National Secretariat

            4. Regional Steering Committee

            5. Local Branches

 GEN Ghana at General Assembly Meetings may resolve by ordinary resolution that the Executive Council may admit to an Advisory Council, which shall only be in an advisory role to the Executive Council and the General Assembly. Eligible members of the Advisory Council shall be relevant stakeholders or individuals with relevant expertise or influence who might in the opinion of the National Executive Council make significant contributions to the development and progress of GEN Ghana. The roles, privileges, rights and functions and tenure of individual members of the Advisory Council shall be prescribed by the National Executive Council and approved by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly

GEN Ghana shall have a General Assembly, which shall be made up of all registered members and it shall be the supreme governing body.

General Assembly Meetings

General Assembly meetings shall comprise of the following:

            1. Annual General Meetings

            2. Ordinary General Meetings

            3. Extra-Ordinary Meetings