The Global Ecovillage Network – Ghana (GEN Ghana) is composed of seven core Board members. In addition to the seven core Board members are executive council members, advisory council members and the National Coordinator who support the Board members in the planning and implementation of their visions and objectives. Below are information about the Board members of GEN Ghana

                                               Paul Yeboah: is the current GEN Ghana President and the Director of Ghana Permaculture Institute which is a founding member of GEN Ghana and GEN Africa, currently a member of the council of GEN Africa. Paul has vast experience in permaculture design, moringa production and processing as well as sustainable agriculture.


Lovans Owusu-Takyi: is the vice president of GEN Ghana, an associate director of Kumasi    Institute of Tropical Agriculture (KITA), and the director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES), is a founding member of GEN Ghana, GEN Africa and several other CSOs and NGOs in Ghana. Lovans has vast experience in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture in Ghana.



Richard Matey: is the secretary of GEN Ghana. He is a young Climate change, Energy, Agriculture and Environment activist with over 3 years working experience in the areas of Energy, Agriculture, Climate Change and Environmental issues.  He has proven skills in climate change mitigation and adaptation and environmental solutions with specialties in renewable energy technologies. He is a member of large network of stakeholders in renewable energy, environment and agricultural sector in Ghana. He has business development skills and is able to work with grassroots communities and has good networking and human relation skills

Charles Katare: is the financial secretary of GEN Ghana.

Madam Fati Bamba: is the district youth coordinator at the Ejisu-Juaben District in the Ashanti Region. She is a co-founder of GEN Ghana and has numerous international experience in Ecovillage Design Education programmes

Akwensi Selase Costant: Next GEN President, Organic Farmer, Artist, Food Sovereignty activist.  Selase has been part of our Moringa School Training at GPI and been part of meetings with schools in Accra related to standards of current programming and the scale up process.

Linda Limbadega: she is a staff at the Ghana Permaculture Institute and Next GEN Vice President who has experience with Moringa product development.  She has been part of our assessment of the Moringa School Gardens and facilitated interviews with the school community and has influenced the scale up vision.  Her youthfulness and strong voice encourages women to stand up and be heard and seen

Muhammed Awudu: A newly elected executive council member to Council and has gained 6 month Leadership Training experience in Benin at the Songhai Institute.  Awudu is also the Brong Ahafo Regional Rep for the Eco School Garden project and has played an instrumental role in having his school garden demonstrate all of the current eco strategies by the time we had our Schools and Rep training in October, 2016 and used his school as a practical example and training grounds for students, teachers and reps to go replicate in their region in their own unique way.  Awudo is the director of  Zion Gate Permaculture Center

Gifty Atia: is a GEN Ghana Executive Council Member who is a leader of the Bongo Women Shea Butter Processing Cooperative. She is a strong advocate for women empowerment and lives in the same village where GEN Ghana’s Upper East Moringa School Garden project site is situated.  She is a key resource for  GEN Ghana’s product development and community engagement at the school level.

                                                         Kwame Ansah Baffour is the National Coordinator for the Global Ecovillage Network – Ghana (GEN Ghana) and a member of the membership committee and fundraising committee for GEN Africa. Kwame also works as a Business Development Officer and Programs Coordinator at the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Kwame holds a Bachelor of Management Studies degree from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and an International Masters in Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.  Kwame was the project manager and coordinator for the project “Promoting Eco-Strategies – Eco School Project” now known as Youth P.L.A.N.T Organic Greening School Initiative.

Lasse Dalén Andersen is an advisory council member of GEN Ghana and a CEO & principal at Mim Technical Academy (MTA). MTA eco strategy is organic school garden, organic moringa leaf production, large scale organic bee keeping and organic cashew research, planting and outgrowing programs with MEDA and Self Help Africa in Brong Ahafo. Lasse is a Danish citizen based in Ghana.

George Zoklig: is an advisory council member of GEN Ghana. George is a  herbalist with over 25 years experience with Moringa cultivation in Ghana, Togo and the Ivory Coast and serves on the GEN Ghana Advisory Board.  George has been integral as a main trainer in Moringa and an unofficial mentor to the GEN Regional Reps running the Moringa School Garden project

Christopher Keiser (Kofi): is an advisory council member of GEN Ghana,  Co-Director of Motherland International Relations and served as a consultant, visionary and community organizer for GEN Ghana’s Eco School project.  Christopher first studied at the University of Cape Coast Ghana in 1997 and now has a Masters Degree in Social Work and has networked effectively to bring many of GEN Ghana’s current leaders into the organization.  His experiential education is vast and he has developed a successful Moringa Energy drink and trained GEN members to make it in several regions of Ghana. Christopher is an American by citizenship.

Debra Kiliru is a Kenyan who is part of the GEN Ghana Advisory council, Co Director of Motherland International Relations and has run Organic School Garden Programs in Ghana as well as Organic Farmer’s Market.  She serves as an advisor to the GEN Ghana Council and co-authored the Moringa School Garden Manual.  Debra has been advising the eco school garden project and helped linked GEN Ghana to Zambia’s RESCOPE Organization that will play a vital role in the scaling up of the Eco School Garden project.

Kevin Adu Gyamfi: is GEN Ghana/Ghana Permaculture Institute IT Pro Specialist Lead as well as a member of GEN Africa ICT Working Group. He holds a combo degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Ghana and currently working for Vidality, Inc and CardinalHire, CA, USA as a Data Scientist and Recruiter respectively. Despite his meagre time, he has dedicated a lot in videotaping, photographing and interviewing children and staff at each school during the Eco School Project.