Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A transformed Ghana, with eco-conscious communities and practitioners living sustainably (living=lifestyles), caring for (mother earth) and all people especially the youth and women and practicing fair share of resources.

Our Mission

A network of eco-conscious communities and practitioners, living and promoting ecovillage strategies as models for sustainable development.


Our Objectives  

  1. To promote and advocate for ecovillage strategies as models for sustainable development in Ghana.
  2. To empower individuals, communities, and organizations/institutions to live harmoniously with nature
  3. To foster intercultural exchange, social empowerment, eco-citizenship, peace building among members, ecovillages and traditional communities.
  4. To promote economically sustainable livelihoods through capacity building, shared economy, appropriate technologies and social enterprise for self-reliant communities.
  5. To regenerate the natural habitat through ecologically sustainable initiatives and lifestyle
  6. To collaborate with local and global communities, institutions and practitioners with similar objectives.


  1. GEN-GHANA shall uphold the core values of transparency, accountability, probity, mutual respect, honesty, justice, and non-discrimination based on gender, vulnerable.
  2. The total interest of GEN-GHANA shall be paramount at all times.
  3. GEN-GHANA shall be non-partisan and independent in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.